999 What’s Your Emergency.

I’m watching the TV program 999 What’s Your Emergency, and someone was just arrested for breaking into someone’s house. It was revealed that the items he was in the process of stealing were all food items, fresh and frozen. Of course I absolutely and primarily feel for the resident, no doubt it will take a long time for her to feel safe again, if ever. Theft is still theft.

However, I do also actually feel sorry for the man who was stealing the food. The amount of food he was stealing, I think, suggests he was stealing it for more than just himself. Which means he risked prison time because his family were hungry. Are hungry. I really am not condoning his actions – there are horrible consequences for what he’s done. I just almost wish he’d been stealing jewellery or electronics so that I couldn’t feel sorry for him.

Before this show, I watched another Police documentary: The Brighton Police. They busted and arrested a “drug gang”, consisting of about 8 people. The policemen were so happy they’d arrested these people and “taken the drugs off the streets”. I’m just shocked that they really believe they’d made a huge difference. For starters I’m sure the people they arrested were very low down on the ladder of people of importance, in the drug world. This small operation of people might be gone, but what about the people who supplied the drugs to that operation? Aren’t they just going to be supplying to more groups, if they’re not already? What do I know? I know little of the drug kingdom, but surely that’s the way it works, no?

Anyway, I’m sorry I watched these shows. I feel sad 🙁

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